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Under the Tuscan Sun

A Hot Air Balloon Trip in Italy


When we think about Tuscany, we can not avoid talking about the beautiful vineyards in the countryside. In the early morning 6am on September 2017. I went to Tavarenelle from Florence to take my very first time hot air ballon trip.

After 20 mins driving, I arrived the vineyards in Tavarenelle. The pilot Stefano Travaglia with his team are doing the preparation for the hot air balloon. After about 30 mins preparation and pilot explained all things we need to pay attention, we took off.

The whole trip has 8 people including the pilot. The pilot Stefano Travaglia has 27 years of experiences of driving the hot air balloon (yes he has been flying hot air balloon since 1990!).  The whole trip is about 1 hour. It was so relaxing and smooth. We saw the sunrise glowing through the clouds. When we flew to the very high spot, we can see the sea of clouds. When the hot air balloon passed the farm, vineyards, mountains, we can see the deers running across the fields. The pigs running at grass. The small roads around the forest. The houses and cars...At that moment you just feel so mindfulness and appreciate the beauty of the nature surround you.

When we finished the trip. We drove back to the pilot's house and had breakfast together. The house is surrounded by vines and olive trees. We had ham, cheese, juice, champagne. The champagne is the highlight of the breakfast. Yes it's also my first time having champagne for breakfast lol. I can't wait to share with you all the videos and pictures I have taken during the trip :)


Overall this is the first time I used video to record my trip. I still feel it's so hard to capture every exciting moment during the trip. And don't hesitate to contact me if you want to book this hot air balloon trip including a fresh breakfast with champagne in the vineyard! Please also give my youtube video a good thumbs up if you like my video!